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Friday, April 9, 2010

Detention/Immigration Bonds

Two main Types of immigration Bonds are:

  • Delivery Bond
    An alien that is arrested by the Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and issued a Warrant of Arrest (Form I-205) and a Notice of Custody Conditions (Form I-286) may be eligible for a delivery bond. The amount of a delivery bond should be sufficient to ensure that the alien will appear for any future immigration proceedings.
  • Voluntary Departure Bond
    An alien who is allowed to depart the country voluntarily after being placed in removal proceedings status (or in lieu of such proceedings) has been granted Voluntary Departure. The Immigration Judge may, and in nearly all cases will require that the detainee post a bond in an amount that will ensure that the alien departs the United States within the time specified.
Generally, you will need the following information and/or documentation:
  • Alien's Full Name
  • Alien Registration Number
  • Name of the facility where the alien is being held
  • Alien's home address
  • Alien's date of birth
  • Alien's country of birth
  • Bond Amount
  • Name of the person posting the bond
  • Valid address for the person posting the bond
  • Valid Social Security Number for the person co-signing & requesting the bond posting.
  • Valid phone number for the person/s posting the bond
  • Acceptable forms of identification for co-signer/s.
    • Permanent Resident Card - Green Card.
    • Passport with appropriate stamps
    • Valid State driver's license.
    • State identification with proof of immigration status.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Top 10 Immigrant Rights Victories of 2009 (

I have tried to make the most inclusive list, in terms of immigrant rights in the United States. If you feel that there is a victory I missed, kindly comment and I'll review it for honorable mention. In no particular order:

1. Death to the widow penalty
2. Lou Dobbs Deported from CNN
3. Repeal of HIV Travel Ban
4. Wisconsin Wins Instate-Tuition for Undocumented Students
5. Health care: Congress Passes SCHIP; Removes 5 Year Wait for Legal Immigrants
6. Education Not Deportation: Immigrant Youth Fight to Halt Deportations
7. HPV Vaccines No Longer Required
8. Restrictionism Loses Steam and Elections
9. Asylum for Battered Women
10. Record number of Hispanic Appointees

Voluntary Departure – what to do BEFORE you leave (from

If you are in removal proceedings in immigration court, but married to a US citizen, one form of relief is to request voluntary departure. That is, unless you have accumulated unlawful presence in the US. Be sure to speak to an immigration attorney before deciding to either simply leave the US without going to court, or taking voluntary departure in court. Full Article from

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Q/A: Can USCIS search my foriegn criminal records?

It is unlikely that USCIS will search foreign criminal records. However, this depends on the specific action/petition being filed. For example, if a petitioner is applying for naturalization/citizenship, a FBI background check will be performed. It is unlikely that any foreign records will be searched (unless specifically asked for in the petition). However, if you are applying for a visa abroad, such as a visitor, fiance, or student, your foreign criminal records will be searched by the overseas consulate to determine your eligibility for a visa. This is not controlled by USCIS or Homeland Security, but rather by the U.S. Department of State. Further, investigations are done by the U.S. consulate in any given country.
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